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All during the month of July, listen to the radio each day to hear what the forecast is calling for the high temp! 

All day long, Kwik Stop / Dairy Queen will be selling small cones for that price!  

High temp forecast is 78….a small cone is 78 cents!  High is 96…a small cone is 96 cents.  Make sense?

You’ll hear the forecasted high temp every hour, all day long!  

Then enjoy a small vanilla, chocolate, or twist cone! 

Available at Kwik Stop / Dairy Queen restaurant locations in Dubuque, Key West, and Peosta!


Listen and win Adventureland tickets!


There may be more chances next week, keep checking back!



First up, a quick interview I did with rocker Andre Comeau!  Andre talks about his time on the original MTV The Real World, his two bands Reigndance, and River Rouge, along with his new music!

Part 1

Part 2


Next up is a great conversation with Doug Aldrich of the Dead Daisies!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Ask the Experts

In our effort to deliver accurate news and information involving COVID-19, we went straight to local Doctors, and others in the medical community to get our questions answered.  Give them a listen.


To ask your own question, email it, and we’ll add it to the list.  johnrhodes@radiodubuque.com


Dubuque Airport Director Todd Dalsing talks about preparing the terminal


Dubuque Airport Director Todd Dalsing talks about cleaning the inside of airplanes 


Dr Hendrick Schultz talks about how to stay safe in public


Dr Hendrick Schultz says, stay home if you’re sick!


Dr Hendrick Schultz talks about how the virus spreads


Jennifer Witzel from the Rustic Barn campground talks about new guidelines


Jennifer Witzel from the Rustic Barn campground talks about who helped them get ready to reopen


Jamie Becker with the Yardarm discusses their changes 


Jamie Becker talks about changes at the Coconut Cove campground


Click Here for an informative website for Iowa news and updates for Iowa

Click Here for Wisconsin

Click Here for Illinois

The Raven Age

The Raven Age were in the studio with Johnny Rhodes this week!

Check these guys out!  They’re here from London, England, and supporting their latest album, Conspiracy.


Official Website



Seg 1: Matt James introduces the band


Seg 2: Tony introduces the song, “The Day The World Stood Still”


Seg 3: Live performance in studio of “The Day The World Stood Still”


Seg 4: George talks about the next song they’ll play live, “Fleur de lis”


Seg 5: Live performance in studio of “Fleur de lis” 


Seg 6: Matt talks about touring the States, and wraps up our conversation


Listen to an interview with Joe Satriani!  Joe called in to the Morning Rock Show with Johnny Rhodes to talk about his new album, Shapeshifting!  Due Friday, April 10th.  

Click here to visit Joe’s web page, and pre-order the new album now!


Seg 1: Joe talks about his first band


Seg 2: Early years as a guitar teacher, to some familiar names


Seg 3: More on Joe’s guitar lessons


Seg 4:  Let’s talk Surfing with the Alien


Seg 5: Joe talks about one of his most difficult songs to play 


Seg 6: Talks the tour, and wraps it up

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