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Ask the Experts

In our effort to deliver accurate news and information involving COVID-19, we went straight to local Doctors, and others in the medical community to get our questions answered.  Give them a listen.


To ask your own question, email it, and we’ll add it to the list.  johnrhodes@radiodubuque.com


Our “Experts”

Dr Hendrik Schultz (Medical Associated & Mercy One)

Dr Ron Iverson (Grand River Medical Group)

Dr Sarah Jacobitz-Kizzier (Grand River Medical Group)

Gary Collins CEO (Crescent Community Health Center)

Dr Jill Powers (Grand River Medical Group)


How does Coronavirus spread from person to person?  (Schultz)


How long until symptoms begin showing?  (Schultz)


Should I be wearing a mask?  (Schultz)


Is there an average age of those infected?  (Schultz)


Will changing clothes when I get home help stop the spread?  (Schultz)


What website can I visit for accurate updated info?  (Schultz)


Why are we told to call the hospital or clinic first?  (Schultz)


If my test was “negative”, what did I likely have?  (Schultz)


Do we have enough tests yet?  (Schultz)


Will there be another outbreak in the Fall?  (Schultz)


Will a change in the weather be good, or bad?  (Schultz)


Is Ibuprofen dangerous to take if you might have the virus?  (Schultz)


How are our local medical supplies?  (Schultz)


What websites do you recommend?  (Collins)


Why should I call the clinic?  Why not just walk in?  (Collins)


What are Tele-health visits?  (Collins)


Typically, how long until symptoms start to appear?  (Kizzier)


If you’re sick, why are you discouraged to just show up at the hospital?  (Kizzier)


Can you explain Tele-health visits?  (Kizzier)


We don’t hear about the recovery stories.  How are they?  (Powers)


What is a ventilator?  (Powers)


Those with negative tests, what did they have?  (Powers)


How does COVID-19 spread from person to person?  (Iverson)


Is there an average age of those infected?  (Iverson)


Do we have enough tests?  (Iverson)



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Past songs:

3/27  Reverend (Butcher of Baghdad)

3/30  Zakk Wylde  (Sold my Soul)

3/31  Metal Church (The Human Factor)

4/1  Edguy (Lavatory Love Machine)

4/2  Lita Ford (Little Too Early)

Tri-State Business Spotlight

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Click Here for an informative website for Iowa news and updates for Iowa

Click Here for Wisconsin

Click Here for Illinois


April 7th Update

The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) has been notified of 102 additional positive cases for a total of 1,048 positive cases. There have been an additional 1,017 negative tests for a total of 11,670 negative tests to date, which includes testing reported by the State Hygienic Lab and other labs.

According to IDPH, an additional 1 death was also reported:

  • Benton County, 1 elderly adult (81+)


April 7th Update

Wisconsin has 2,672 confirmed cases, with 94 deaths reported.  28,512 negative tests for COVID-19 have been reported.



April 7th Update

Illinois has 13,549 confirmed cases, with 380 deaths.


April 7th Update 

The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) has been notified of three additional positive cases in Dubuque County, one adult (18-40 years), one middle age (41-60 years),  and one older adult (61-80 years).  This brings the total number of positive cases confirmed in Dubuque County to 28.

The IDPH reported 102 additional positive cases statewide today for a total of 1,048 positive cases in Iowa.  One additional death was reported in Benton County. There has been an additional 1,017 negative tests for a total of 11,670 negative tests to date in Iowa.



Effective immediately, the City of Dubuque is temporarily suspending enforcement of parking meter expiration violations through April 12, 2020. During this time parking customers are not required to feed/pay parking meters in Dubuque.

All other street parking regulations will continue to be enforced in accordance with City code, including but not limited to, street storage (vehicles parked on the street longer than 24 hours without moving), disabled parking spaces, fire zone compliance, and blocking of driveways. Monthly reserved parking in ramps and surface lots will still be enforced.

For more information on parking restrictions, visit www.cityofdubuque.org/Parking or contact Director of Transportation Services Renee Tyler at 563-589-4341 or rtyler@cityofdubuque.org.



Run 4 Troops is canceled

Veterans Freedom Center closed

Winter Farmers Market on Saturdays canceled

Carnegie Stout Public Library closed

Q Casino and Diamond Jo casino both closed

Dubuque Fighting Saints Hockey season is canceled

Five Flags: most scheduled shows have been postponed

Dubuque Museum of Art closed



All sports at Clarke, Loras, UD and Wisconsin Platteville have been canceled, or indefinitely suspended

High School spring sports are suspended

NBA & NHL and MLB seasons suspended.  CDC is recommending 8 weeks

PGA canceling their next 3 events

Boston Marathon postponed to September 14


School Announcements:

Dubuque Bellevue, closed – April 13

Platteville, River Ridge WI, Darlington, closed –  April 5

Fennimore closed –  April 3

Lancaster closed – April 6

Western Dubuque, Edgewood-Colesberg – closed TFN

University of Dubuque:  Extending Spring Break for 1 extra week

Clarke University:  Suspending classes for 2 weeks, after Spring Break (classes will be online)

Southwest Tech is closed to the public, including students.  Staff may come to campus to pick up essentials to work at home.  The emergency response team should report to work

NICC: Face to face classes all this week are canceled

The Raven Age

The Raven Age were in the studio with Johnny Rhodes this week!

Check these guys out!  They’re here from London, England, and supporting their latest album, Conspiracy.


Official Website



Seg 1: Matt James introduces the band


Seg 2: Tony introduces the song, “The Day The World Stood Still”


Seg 3: Live performance in studio of “The Day The World Stood Still”


Seg 4: George talks about the next song they’ll play live, “Fleur de lis”


Seg 5: Live performance in studio of “Fleur de lis” 


Seg 6: Matt talks about touring the States, and wraps up our conversation


Listen to an interview with Joe Satriani!  Joe called in to the Morning Rock Show with Johnny Rhodes to talk about his new album, Shapeshifting!  Due Friday, April 10th.  

Click here to visit Joe’s web page, and pre-order the new album now!


Seg 1: Joe talks about his first band


Seg 2: Early years as a guitar teacher, to some familiar names


Seg 3: More on Joe’s guitar lessons


Seg 4:  Let’s talk Surfing with the Alien


Seg 5: Joe talks about one of his most difficult songs to play 


Seg 6: Talks the tour, and wraps it up

Tri-State Help Wanted

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