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Concert Calendar

February 28 (Tuesday)      Eve To Adam w/ Message from Sylvia at The Venue 9pm

March 7 (Tuesday)            Dead Horse Trauma (CD Release Party) at The Venue 8pm

March 9 (Thursday)           Dope w/ September Mourning, Six Shots ’til Midnight, Drama Club, and Combichrist at                                                                      Courtside.   6:30pm  Tickets are $20

March 10  (Friday)              Bobaflex, w/ Remada at The Venue 8p

March 15 (Wednesday)      Flaw, w/ Righteous Vendetta  at The Venue 8p

March 16 (Thursday)         Bret Michaels at the Diamond Jo.  Tickets $35

March 17 (Friday)               Firehouse at the Mystique Casino.

March 24 (Friday)              Corey Feldman at the Diamond Jo Casino. Free show!

May 18 (Thursday)           Hed PE w/ Motograter at The Venue 8p

July 20 (Thursday)             Nickelback at the Great Jones County Fair 8p  Tickets on sale Feb 3