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Haunting of the William M. Black

Join Johnny Rhodes and Tom Drake aboard the William M. Black at the National Mississippi River Museu...

Dog-o-ween at Theisen's

Join Johnny Rhodes and 97.3 The Rock at Theisen’s this Sunday for a live broadcast from 10am to noon...

The Polar Plunge

Join The Rock on Saturday, November 15th at 11am from the Dubuque Water Sports Club (behind Mystique...

Win Saints Tickets!

Tune in to Tom Drake for your chance to win tickets to see your Dubuque Fighting Saints all season l...

Mindframe Theaters Movie Rock Review

Check out Johnny Rhodes review of "The Judge"Check out the movie at Mindframe Theaters. Fi

The Listening Room

Friday night's at 9pm,Tom Drake takes you into The Listening Room. You can listen to 97.3 The Ro...

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5:30a-9a Morning Rock Show with Johnny Rhodes.

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2p-7p Afternoon Rock Drive with Tom Drake!

Friday 9p - The Listening Room with Tom Drake



7a-11a Johnny Rhodes

11a-3p - Tom Drake

3p-5p Chop Shop

7p-10p Tour Bus

10p-12mid - Full Metal Jackie



7a-9a - Chop Shop

9a-2p - Johnny Rhodes

2p-7p - Tom Drake


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Songs Recently on the Rock

  • Doc Holiday - Volbeat
  • Not Strong Enough - Apocalyptica/doug Robb
  • Revolution - Used
  • Messed Up World - The Pretty Reckless
  • Head Like A Hole - Nine Inch Nails

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  • mark & donita arnold
  • leo & mary jeanne walech - 44 years
  • mark & donita arnold
  • jerry & deb errthum - 36 years
  • jeff & jill mara - 14 years
  • don and joan leuchs 25th wedding anniv - 25 YEARS
  • mark and diane schmitt - 37 YEARS!
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  • cody scheffert - 17 YEARS OLD
  • jessica davis - 23
  • shayna davis - 28
  • bob schroeder - 55 years
  • carter rury - 6
  • jacob hocking - 13
  • haley schwarz - 15
  • isabella reuter
  • rose welter

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