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Paramount Emergency Medical Service
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Shoes That Fit

The Rock has partnered again with Mediacom for Shoes That Fit. A local campaign to get kids in our l...

Haunting of the William M. Black

Join Johnny Rhodes and Tom Drake aboard the William M. Black at the National Mississippi River Museu...

Dog-o-ween at Theisen's

Join Johnny Rhodes and 97.3 The Rock at Theisen’s this Sunday for a live broadcast from 10am to noon...

The Polar Plunge

Join The Rock on Saturday, November 15th at 11am from the Dubuque Water Sports Club (behind Mystique...

Win Saints Tickets!

Tune in to Tom Drake for your chance to win tickets to see your Dubuque Fighting Saints all season l...

Mindframe Theaters Movie Rock Review

Check out Johnny Rhodes review of "Saint Vincent"Check out the movie at Mindframe Theaters

The Listening Room

Friday night's at 9pm,Tom Drake takes you into The Listening Room. You can listen to 97.3 The Ro...

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NEW YORK (AP) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has sent an Ebola response team to New York City. The team will do a further test to confirm the initial results of Ebola on a doctor who did volunteer work in the West African outbreak region and recently returned. City and state officials are urging calm, saying chances of an outbreak are remote. Officials say the doctor sought treatment as soon as symptoms appeared.

OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — Canadian officials are looking for ways to understand what drove a man to kill a soldier in Ottawa before he was shot and killed inside the Parliament building. An emerging portrait of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (zeh-HAHF' bih-BOH') shows a misfit and crack user who went years without seeing his mother and who once told a psychological evaluator he wanted to go to jail to beat his addiction. He also had been a committed Muslim who said he wanted to become a better man, but in recent weeks he seemed to come unglued.

PARIS (AP) — France has hit Islamic State group positions in Iraq overnight. France's military chief tells Europe 1 radio that two Frenc...

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Songs Recently on the Rock

  • Down In A Hole - Alice In Chains
  • Turn Up The Radio - Autograph
  • Eyes Of A Stranger - Queensryche
  • Messed Up World - The Pretty Reckless
  • Blood Stained Revolution - Saving Abel

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